SocialDeal ™ is a group of multiple organizations that focus on a variety of products produced by small communities of families and agricultural associations throughout the country of Ecuador. Our labels’ main pillar and the center of our business is our local producers, creating a business model that benefits them directly by providing them with aid in different areas:



Social Deal™ is committed to the permanent care and safety of our collaborators, associates and communities, complying with social security standards and labor laws of Ecuador. We also seek the constant development of our local producers through training programs, as well as organizational policies that seek equal opportunities for everyone under our label.
Part of our business culture is to serve as an example for other organizations in the industry, through the use of innovative and more efficient systems that generate a positive impact on our communities and the environment.

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them with a variety of social responsibility programs. The Children and Education initiative is our response to the need to educate our younger generation. We believe that helping children obtain a better elementary school education is where we can best have a positive and lasting impact on our communities. We also provide aid in cases of natural disasters, where they are affected the most, and we work with select NGOs and foundations in charity programs.

The effort and academic commitment of the children of our collaborators is rewarded and recognized. For the Nobis Foundation and the Nobis Consortium, education is the best tool we can provide for future generations and to build a better country. It is for this reason that Nobis Educando is part of our commitment to Sustainable Development Goal number four; Quality Education for all, promoted by the United Nations.